Event Caterers in Eugene, Oregon

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As event caterers in Eugene, Oregon we understand the many different food lifestyles that can be present at your event. That’s why we offer Paleo, Keto, and any other food preferences for your event. 

Event Caterers in Eugene, Oregon and Surrounding Areas

Whether your event is a wedding, Church event, funeral, birthday, or simply a private catered dinner with family we can help. At The Grassy Cow we use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and offer Paleo and Keto friendly options. We have a menu you can choose from or together we can create the catered experience you’ve always wanted. We absolutely love being event caterers in Eugene, Oregon and surrounding areas- and can’t wait to be a part of your next event.

Why Choose Us Among Many Local Eugene Caterers?

There are many great caterers out there, some being friends! What makes Grassy Cow Unique is that we understand the frustrations of many who try to keep to their gluten free, Paleo and Keto diets, but are frustrated with the lack of options. The Grassy Cow fills this void, and if you are looking for high quality foods that meet your dietary needs, then you should consider contacting us for a consultation, or quote.

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Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Creating the perfect menu is a very personal process. The Grassy Cow understands you have a vision for what you want your event to be, and we will work with you to create the perfect evening for you and your guests. We will meet with you, review your ideas, and create a menu plan the meets your vision and your budget.

Looking for Something Sweet?

Take a look at our extremely talented partner and baker. She makes incredible wedding cakes, cookies, cake pops, etc.