Caterers in Eugene, Oregon

Grill Menu

Get your grill on with our smash burgers and new grill menu. 

Our Grill Menu

$450 per 15 people

Introducing the Grassy Cow Grilling Menu. Perfect for any Summer occasion or, if you have a craving for Summer food in January.

ALL our menu items are made from scratch, and we use locally sourced ingredients.

Entree (Choose up to two)

  1. Bacon and Sharp Cheddar Smash Burger
  2. Hand made Veggie Burgers ( Black Bean base, NO soy)
  3. Slow Cooked Brisket with Sweet and Sour Caramelized Onion ($2 extra per person)

Burgers and Brisket are served on a toasted Brioche Bun. Burgers include a choice of the following: Onion, Carmelized Onion, Choice of Tillamook Sharp Cheddar and/or White Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Swiss, or Pepper Jack cheeses. Also comes with fresh sliced tomato, pickles, red leaf lettuce, and all the usual condiments.

* We will also make our burgers Keto friendly, or gluten free if you prefer at no additional charge *

Sides (Choose up to two)

Classic Picnic Style Potato Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Caesar Salad with house-made dressing and fresh baguette/butter
Orecchiette Pasta Salad – Fresh broccoli, tomatoes and pasta tossed in olive oil and herbs. A deliciously lite option

Desserts (Choose up to two)

Shortbread Lemon Bars – Pucker up!
Dark Chocolate Chip Brownies
Cupcakes – Cake choice: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon. Buttercream frosting choice: Vanilla, Lemon, Coffee

Beverages (Choose up to two)

Scratch-made Lemonade
Scratch-made Strawberry Lemonade (add $2 pp)
Iced Tea – Choose from locally produced blends
Water – included in package price